It has been made clear that COVID-19 will affect anyone it can, even our heroes. A North Dakota police officer has now been infected. The announcement was made on Tuesday.

According to KFYR-TV, a Minot Police Officer has tested positive for Coronavirus. The officer exhibited symptoms of the illness on Thursday, March 26, went for the test, and it came back positive over the weekend. The officer has self-quarantined.

KFYR-TV also says that Minot's Mayor, Shaun Sipma, says that the officer is doing well, but cannot make further comments on the officer's situation. The mayor also says that five members of internal city staff are also isolated as a precaution, and none of these people have shown illness signs yet. On top of that, he says several members of the Minot Fire Department are isolated as well.


If you or someone you're with is showing signs of Coronavirus, it is important to let dispatchers and first responders know. That way, they can exercise necessary precautions when helping the public. Get more information here.

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