You might have heard something very special happened to a North Dakotan recently; A man named Shane Balkowitsch announced on Facebook, that the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences (The Oscars) is taking his glass wet plate of Josh Duhamel to its museum for display.

Balkowitsch is an ambrotypist at Nostalgic Glass Wet Plate Studio in Bismarck, North Dakota. He said in the post, that it is the 76th museum or archive that has chosen to protect one of his original plates.

The wet plate was appropriately titled "The North Dakotan." Check out the post below!

The plate will be a part of its permanent collection and is #4878.

A couple of months ago, a wet plate was made for actress, Shailene Woodley, who was present during the Dakota Access Pipeline protests.

The Duhamel wet plate will be on display alongside Woodley's.

A Good Cause

Something else you might want to consider is that Balkowitsch has Josh Duhamel "The North Dakotan" signed limited edition prints for sale to support the American Indian College Fund.

You can take a look/purchase one here. 

The Museum

The Oscars Museum is located in Los Angeles and is the first large-scale museum of its kind. It is devoted to the history and cultural impact of the film industry. If you are ever visiting the area, you should stop by and take in the impressive display.


Congratulations to Balkowitsch for not only this great acknowledgement and accomplishment, but the many others in his career. Kudos to his passion and exceptional skills! We wish him more success and good luck in the future.

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