North Dakota natives, and country music duo, announced last week on social media that after almost a decade of being known as "Tigirlily" the sisters were re-branding. Adding a little more distinction to their band name.  Via Facebook on October 20th, it was announced that after a lot of thought and consideration the word "Gold" will now be added to the duo's name.

Tigirlily Gold

To ward off future confusion, the sisters, Kendra and Krista Slaubaugh, originally from Hazen, North Dakota, and now Nashville, Tennessee residents, looked deep when deciding how to rename their group. In a post on Facebook, Tigirlily explained "Why Gold? To us, gold means:" Many many things for from Home, Sunrises, Sunsets, and Wheat Fields to The Badlands, Gravel Roads, a guitar named "Bonnie", to the Sparks Flying off a campfire to summer, fall, and the end of a Rainbow.

The Journey

Tigirlily Gold is thankful for the fans, so they get too far this slight name change will help people continue to find their music without confusion. And they definitely want you, the fans to know, it is only an "official name" change. Feel free to still call them "Tigerlily" and expect everything else about the singing sisters to be exactly the same. Thankful.

"Ofer" Needs Love To Beat "Ope"

Are you new to knowing Tigirlily? Do you follow them on social media? If not, the girls also know how to have fun. There's been a lot of craze about the word "Ope" the last couple of years. Much thanks to comedians such as Charlie Berens "Manitowoc Minute" from Wisconsin, and then when Berens teamed up with North Dakota native "You Betcha Guy" Myles Montplaisir, it seems like "Ope" is everywhere. Just enter a Fleet Farm, if you don't believe us.

Tigerlily Gold posted this rebuttal video in hopes to start gaining love for a much used word in Midwest Dialogue. Take a listen to these examples, they've got our vote that "Ofer" deserves love too. Ofer > Ope

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