Travel is an essential part of my being getting lost in culture,cities,nature,sounds,art,fashion,smells,foods, experiencing anything new. So off I go to San Francisco and Napa Valley, California. Sans boyfriend,husband,kids having no one to answer to but myself.It's a birthday trip to myself to celebrate the woman I am becoming- comfortable in my own skin, open to life, free-mentally,spiritually,physically, enjoying my life and hoping to be enriched by every person and experience that crosses my path.

So here are a few of my vacay rules to maximum joy:

1) Don't worry about anything, don't overplan.

2) Email is off.

3)Wake up early and stay up all night to maximize every experience- you can sleep when you are dead!

4)Be greatful to see ,be ,do ,experience!

5)Smile at everyone you meet- I never meet a stranger, some of my best friendships have been made through travel!

6) Drink,dance, do something crazy, go to a hole in the wall bar, soak up some history.

7)Buy things you can only get in the local market.

Ok enough talk why don't you come with me :) I wish you could and in the words of Ellie Goulding "Anything Could Happen" so maybe one day we will fly together to some beautiful place!

With love and wine happy living,