On September 27, 2020, a father realized his daughter was missing when she never came home from a visitation with her mother. He spent the past few months asking the public to help him get his daughter back. This past weekend, she was located, with her mother, in North Dakota.

On Sunday (January 10), the Beulah Police Department posted on Facebook that they saved a seven-year-old child from her kidnapper. The post states that the suspect, who was attempting to bring the child to from Oregon to Canada, was hiding in Beulah when she was arrested. Beulah Police Chief Frank Senn wrapped up the post saying that the child was returned to her family and the suspect is in custody. The Bismarck Tribune has an update on the sad situation.

Today, the Bismarck Tribune reports that the person in custody for kidnapping the young child is 49-year-old Alison Crawford-Bylenga of Washington. The child she was attempting to escape to Canada with was her seven-year-old daughter, Naiyah. The Bismarck Tribune says that Crawford-Bylenga previously purchased a house in Beulah under an alias, but it was unclear just how long she had been in hiding at the house. Get the full story from the Bismarck Tribune here.

According to a Facebook post by seven-year-old Naiyah's father, his daughter had been missing since September 27. He suspected that Naiyah was abducted by Crawford-Bylenga because she never returned her daughter after a visitation. Her father had to spend the holidays, wondering if his child was in danger and if she would be returned to him alive. Fortunately, this "missing person" story ended happily.

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