The geniuses over at Thrillist have come up with a new list ranking states by their food and drink ... and North Dakotans are not gonna be happy with where we landed. 

Beating out only South Dakota, North Dakota ranked at a lowly #49. So how did these food connoisseurs compile their list? By using the following critera:

  1. What does the state produce (agriculturally)?
  2. What iconic items is the state known for (ex. key lime pie, onion burgers, smoked salmon)?
  3. What is state's beer/wine/spirits production like?
  4. What is the food/drink scene like in the cities?

When this all shook out for North Dakota, they placed us at #49, (NUMBER 49!!) saying, "This could have been at 50. We flipped a coin."

The writers have obviously never been to the state. It feels like it's based on the typical stereotypes of people who have never stepped foot within North Dakota borders (boring, nothing to do, blah, blah, blah..) and like it was merely thrown together with generic searches and no actual research.

I mean, how could you rank a state as almost dead last that has so many amazing restaurants, great food events like RibFest, amazing farmers markets, and, don't forget, we did rank in the top 10 best states to eat local.

Hey, I guess we did rank as the highest Dakota, but we would suggest the next time you rank the states, maybe you should actually visit them.