In a not-so-shocking extended forecast for this upcoming winter, AccuWeather is predicting a not-so-out of the ordinary, cold winter for North Dakota.

An El Nino weather pattern will be present this winter and influence just how the season will pan out. This coming winter will seem very traditional for North Dakota, according to AccuWeather.

AccuWeather's report suggests 'the cold will start with a whisper and end in a shout.' As in previous winters, the severe cold temperatures are expected to show up later in the winter, taking a dramatic drop during the January and February months.

Despite the harsh cold temps on the way for the start of next year, AccuWeather is predicting a below-normal snowfall season to come with less frequent storms as well. Perhaps we can't break out the sleds and snow boots quite as frequent this winter.

Winter officially begins on Friday, December 21st, which kicks off the last weekend before Christmas.

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