Joe Jonas has been usurped as the pop music ladies man with the hottest girlfriends. While JJ was known for dating only the hottest models and actresses, Adam Levine has trumped him, replacing Victoria's Secret model Behati Prinsloo (who, we might add, replaced fellow Vicky's model Anne V) with Sports Illustrated beauty Nina Agdal.

Us Weekly confirmed via multiple sources that A. Lev, 33, has been dating Agdal, 21, since early spring. Robbing the cradle there a bit, aren't ya, Adam?

The singer had been squiring Prinsloo since May of last year. That relationship seemed to wane and they had not been snapped together recently. We thought it might've been their busy schedules, since 'The Voice' is in full effect. Prinsloo also kept mum when asked about her romantic status in May, setting off rumors that she and Levine were kaput.

While the Maroon 5 frontman himself has not commented on his old and possibly new relationships, a source close to the singer and reality show coach has. "Behati was in and out, but they finally ended it," the insider said. "It wasn't an abrupt ending."

As for the romance with the stunning Agdal? They are "having fun" and are in the "new" stages. The honeymoon phase, if you will!

Agdal was spotted on the set of 'The Voice' on May 23, and again at a live taping on May 28.

Dudes, don't hate on Levine for pulling in supermodel after supermodel. We dunno what that guy has -- besides good looks, charm, talent, fame, money and a winning personality! We're starting to think models dig dark-haired gents with five o'clock shadow, since both Levine and Jonas are perpetually face fuzzed.

Just a theory...