Not every artist is a fan of Lady Gaga. One in particular who doesn't appreciate Mother Monster? Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine.

'The Voice' coach took to Twitter to vent about artists he feels are unoriginal.

Did he really mean Gaga? Was he dissing her Botticelli references in her mermaid and Venus attire for the stage? Who knows?

It's unclear who, if anyone, he was speaking about specifically. It's not even clear what the "extra sauce" is. However, despite the vagueness of Levine's missives, Gaga did not take kindly to his comment. Shortly after Levine's went somewhat viral, the New York City native lashed out on her own:

Soon, Gaga's army of Little Monsters joined in, much to Mother Monster's delight.

No one is really sure how or why the pair's beef started. The only thing that either seems to have in common with the other is a love-hate relationship with Christina Aguilera.

Do you think Levine was really referencing Gaga or that she was just too quick to be offended? Sound off in the comments!