Alicia Keys, known for her solid acting skills in her videos, emotes as we've come to expect in her clip for 'Tears Always Win.' She's dreaming the life, as opposed to living the dream.

When we meet her, she's decamped in a fleabag motel in Las Vegas, lamenting her situation, which doesn't appear good. She heads to work as a showgirl, looking extra glam in her headpiece, dripping with bling.

Her character moonlights in a smoky jazz club, tickling the ivories with snazzy backup dancers.

But it's clear she is unfulfilled and something is missing. There's not too much information about why she's so unhappy, but it's written all over her face. Maybe she doesn't know herself. But the video captures her melancholia.

We were left wondering if the scenes of her performing were nothing but a dream or a figment of her imagination.