KXNET is reporting another spa trafficking case underway here in Bismarck.

Two individuals are in custody following an investigation by Bismarck Police. It's an investigation into Cherry Blossom Massage in North Bismarck.

Bismarck police detectives began a human trafficking investigation into the spa after getting complaints that sexual acts were being offered during massages. Detectives got a search warrant for the spa and arrested a 54-year-old and 48-year-old.

Information is scarce at this time. From KFGO

– Two people were arrested after a search warrant was served at Cherry Blossom Spa in north Bismarck.

54-year-old David Coble and 48-year-old Yanhong Coble, both of Bismarck, were arrested Friday for promoting prostitution.

In Bismarck, we've been recently down a similar road. Let's go back to December 2020 when the Associated Press posted this story.

Two of the three people charged with facilitating prostitution following raids on spas in Bismarck and Dickinson are facing additional charges of human trafficking.

Sixty-five-year-old Lance Jacobson and 56-year-old Jiang Jennings were charged Thursday with sexual servitude and human trafficking felonies.

Jacobson and Jennings were earlier charged with facilitating prostitution after an investigation that led to a raid at Hong Kong Spa in Bismarck and the Tokyo Q Spa in Dickinson.

A detective who testified at their November preliminary hearing said workers at the spa were paid $10 for an $80 massage and were encouraged to offer sex acts to make extra tip money

At the dark heart of it all is alleged human trafficking. A crime for which there should be harsh consequences. The other side of stories like these is how they attract us like moths to a flame. We're all curious why individuals would believe there would be room for this type of behavior in Bismarck.

You'd have to ask the alleged promoters...

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