If you're going to the 2020 Hall of Fame Hockey Game in Nashville this year, there's good news for you. If you don't already have your plane ticket, I'm sure you're at least aware that Allegiant Air is doing a couple of non-stop flights to-and-from Grand Forks and Nashville. If you were bummed about finding an alternate route, you may just get another chance to fly direct from Grand Forks.

Due to the demand, Allegiant Air has added a THIRD non-stop flight for this game. This added flight will depart GFK on Wednesday, October 14th, at 5:20 PM, and return on Sunday, October 18th, at 9:29 PM. Find your ticket at allegiantair.com.

This GFK to Nashville flight is expected to sell out. Also, the idea of having more one-time flights for this event has not been ruled out. GFK is going to make this an experience for fans as well. They will be decorating and holding giveaways and special activities to help fans celebrate.

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The US Hockey Hall of Fame Game will be this October 17th at Bridgestone Arena in Nashville. Not surprisingly, Fighting Hawks fans made both the plane tickets (first two flights) and 17,000 arena seats sell out.



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