Allegiant Air sent out text messages to its customers yesterday notifying them, the airline carrier will be canceling all flights to and from Grand Forks for the month of December.

As you can imagine, with holiday travel planned months or even a year in advance by Allegiant's passengers, this has caused quite the stir.  Allegiant says they plan to resume service in January.

According to KVRR TV, passengers will be refunded their money, or they can try to reschedule their flights out of Fargo.  A spokesperson for the Las Vegas-based airline claims they periodically study travel out of their cities and it was determined to take a month-long hiatus out of Grand Forks International Airport.

The Grand Forks Herald reports,  "I just met with them (Allegiant) last month, and this was not brought up," said Grand Forks Regional Airport executive director Ryan Riesinger.  Now, hundreds of people who had warm weather holiday destinations planned are scrambling to reschedule their flights or make other arrangements.

Grand Forks International Airport is not the only airport affected according to Allegiant Air.  44 airports across the country will also lose air service from Allegiant as well coming up.  Allegiant also blamed the situation on the lack of planes.

Apparently, Allegiant has blacked out dates periodically before in Grand Forks, but nothing even close to like this. For those who have Thanksgiving travel plans, November flights out of Grand Forks International Airport will not be impacted.  Allegiant has been serving Grand Forks since 2009.


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