I was driving to Taco Johns to grab some lunch after working out today (no judgment please) and I took a right on South Mandan Street in Bismarck right off of Front Avenue.  A couple of blocks away I could see a vehicle driving down West Sweet Avenue where a woman flew right through this "open" intersection without even looking.

As I approached the "open" or "uncontrolled" intersection there was another pickup truck approaching to the west or my right, but he was a long way from the intersection.  I would say at least 150 feet away.  I arrived first so I reluctantly crept into the intersection hoping he would slow down.  No such case, but I proceeded anyway as I had the right away. I arrived well before him and there was no danger of him t-boning me.  As I went through the intersection this guy speeds up and starts laying on his horn.  Then came the obscene finger gestures.

Let's just say I wasn't in the mood for this clueless driver today.  I just shook my head at him and yelled, "It's an uncontrolled intersection."  First off, learn the rules of the road.  It's not who's going fastest or who's got the biggest vehicle at open intersections.  I also realize that if we both would've arrived at this uncontrolled intersection at the same time he would've had the right of way since he was to my right.  However, again it wasn't even close.  I was there way ahead of him.

According to zutobi, the number one rule of an uncontrolled intersection, which is defined by no stop signs or traffic lights is "Whoever arrives first has the right away."  Boom, mic drop.  Not only did I arrive first but it was long before this guy.  This was something we ALL should've learned back at drivers education.  Somehow this tough guy never learned the most basic rule of driving when it comes to open or uncontrolled intersections.  It was pretty impressive of you to be able to drive with your knees and give me a double flip off.

Hopefully, you'll read this and maybe learn something about driving.  As far as common decency, I'm guessing you're a lost cause.



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