It appears another brick-and-mortar store has closed here in Bismarck Mandan.  Famous Footwear which was located at 1471 East LaSalle Drive in the Hay Creek Shops has shut its doors for good.

It's unclear why they closed so suddenly, and all of the merchandise appears to have been removed from the store over the last few days.  The sign on the shop has also been removed.  Famous Footwear was located next to Maurices and Ross.

I tried to reach out to their corporate office to get an answer on why they closed the store here in Bismarck, but I was put on terminal hold.  I looked for answers on the Famous Footwear Bismarck Facebook page.  It's still operating but it appears to be run by corporate, and nothing local was on the page or any sort of mention of why the store closed.  I also tried to reach out to Hay Creek Shops and couldn't find any answers either.  Famous Footwear is the 3rd store to close recently.  Previously Gordman's and Rue 21 closed as well.

I looked online to find some answers concerning Famous Footwear Stores closing across the nation, and I couldn't really find any definitive answers.

According to Wikipedia, Famous Footwear is a St. Louis based company owned by Caleres, and as of 2010 had as many as 1,125 stores back in 2010.  I'm guessing that number has dropped significantly since then.



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