There's nothing I hate more than a bully.

Unfortunately, even after you grow up kids, you're still going to run into bullies.  Plenty of them on social media and even in your workplace as adults.  Yep, there's a song that was out a while ago called "High School Never Ends" by Bowling for Soup.  The lyrics are spot on.

We would all like to think that bullying has gotten better as we become more evolved?

I know when I go into my son's school I see signs of positivity.  I was at a parent's baseball team meeting at Bismarck High recently, and I was impressed with some of the inspirational signs.  Messages of kindness, acceptance, and "no hate" were prevalent throughout the school.

sam thomas
sam thomas

I know I've kept an open dialog with my son about bullying his entire life.  I think all parents should do their part to make sure their child is not being bullied or worse yet, the kid who is doing the bullying.

There was a rally this morning for a child at Wachter School.

An "Anti Bullying Rally and Escort" was held for a child at Wachter school this morning.  This was organized by the mother of a child who says her son is continuously being bullied at the school.  Organizers encouraged supporters against bullying to meet at the Kirkwood Mall parking lot bright and early this morning at 7 am Thursday, March 24th.  A motorcycle group was a part of the escort.  I stopped by the rally early this morning to show support as well and take a few pictures.

It's still amazing to me that this sort of thing can still exist in schools today.  With camera phones everywhere and an emphasis on "no tolerance towards bullying," it continues on anyway?

I guess if grown-ups can't get it right, how can we expect kids to?

I really hope this rally helps this child and sends a message towards the bullies at the school.  Unfortunately, I wouldn't hold my breath.


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