In 2013, the popular PBS program 'Antiques Roadshow' arrived in Bismarck to film for their upcoming season. Air dates for those Bismarck episodes have finally been announced.

The first hour filmed in Bismarck will air on February 16th at 7pm CST. The second hour will air the following week, February 23rd, at 7pm CST. The final hour will air three weeks later, March 23rd, at 7pm CST.

According to InForum, thousands of people had their heirlooms appraised during the show's visit to Bismarck:

Some of the highlights from the episodes include two Tlingit Shamanic masks representing a wolf and guardian, acquired during an 1890 missionary trip to Alaska and are now worth $250,000 and a Chinese Imperial ceremonial outfit, appraised at $100,000 to $150,000. There was also an original Santa Claus advertisement by Hadden Sundblom, who painted all of the Coca-Cola Santa paintings from around 1931-65 and a 1778 letter written and signed by George Washington, dated from Valley Forge.

'Antiques Roadshow' can be seen on Prairie Public Broadcasting throughout North Dakota.