It should come as no surprise that there aren't any nude beaches in the state of North Dakota, but what about nudist resorts? Do any exist?

Well, we've got some bad news for our naked friends in North Dakota. There isn't a single nudist resort in the entire state, according to

What about South Dakota? Surely, they must have a nudist resort or club, right? Wrong. Unfortunately, South Dakota isn't very supportive of nudity either, as they also have zero nudist resorts.

If you really want to shed your clothes and experience nudism at its finest, without traveling to a more tropical location, your best bet is to head to Minnesota. There, you'll find two different nudist clubs: Avatan and The Oakwood Club.

Avatan is Minnesota's largest nudist club, located approximately 30 minutes north of Minneapolis and St. Paul. According to the club's website, they're the only nudist club listed in the state of Minnesota's official travel guide. You can visit for a day for just $32 or spend the night in a tent, cabin, or RV for a few bucks more.

Meanwhile, The Oakwood Club was started in 1942 and claims on its website to be the premiere nude club in Minnesota. You can visit The Oakwood Club for a day for just $35, if you're not a AANR member. You can also purchase a membership.

For more information on these nude clubs and others across the country, visit

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