Whether it be for a new job or just a change of scenery, people occasionally move out of North Dakota. Ever wonder where North Dakotans are moving to?

A study done by experts at Forbes Home, looked at U.S. Census data and state-to-state migration patterns to find out where people are moving to and from in each state.

Where Are North Dakotans Going?

Well, there are five states North Dakotans are moving to the most, according to the source.


5. Florida

Yes, it seems some of us would like to move somewhere with a completely different climate. Can you blame them? Palm trees, sunshine, pina coladas... ahh, sounds nice.  I'm sure this is where many North Dakotans go to retire.


4. Ohio

You might find this one surprising. The fourth most popular state North Dakotans move to is Ohio. I'm trying to come up with an explanation, but I've got nothin'.

The source found that 1,354 people moved to the state during the year of the study.


3. Wisconsin

From one cold climate to another, a lot of North Dakotans pack up and head for the Great Lakes. After all, we love to fish.


2. Colorado

This one is sort of obvious. It seems any time I hear someone talking about moving out of North Dakota, they tell me they are going to Colorado/Colorado Springs. This is the second most popular state North Dakotans move to, with 2,084 people moving during the year of the study.


1. Minnesota

This should be no surprise to you; the number one place North Dakotans move to is Minnesota. You get closer to a city, but you're not too far to where you can't hop in your car and road trip back over to North Dakota.

There was a HUGE number of people found to have moved to Minnesota; 8,360 North Dakotans scooted over to Minnesota during the time of the study, according to the source. WOW!

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