Avril Lavigne is known for her angsty music, but she lets her famously gorgeous hair down and has fun, showing off her silly side in her 'Rock N Roll' video. It meshes live action and comic book footage of Av in fatigues and cammo. She also kisses a girl (and she liked it).

If you ever doubted Av's status a bada--, she proves it here, battling critters, creatures and a dog that drives drunk.

There's also girl-on-girl smooch between her and Danica McKellar, who played Winnie in 'The Wonder Years' and looks as though she hasn't aged a day.

Private Lavigne eventually reunites with her guitar and battles a bear with a shark's head. Rawr!

'Titanic' star Billy Zane also has a cameo that takes flight.

Our crush on Avril waned a little last year. It's elevated to full blown love again, thanks to this vid.