The infant category is all set for Baby Idol 2014 and now it’s time for the second round of voting!

Here’s how the voting will work this year:

  • Mar 17th – 24th @ Noon – First Round Voting (down to top 30)
  • Mar 24th @ 5pm – 31st @ Noon – Second Round Voting (down to Top 5)
  • March 31st @ 5pm – April 4th @ 4pm – Final Round Voting (held on HOT 975′s Facebook page)
  • April 4th at 5pm – Announce winner

In this round, you may vote every three hours for the duration of the round. The nominees with the most votes by the end of the second round will advance to the next. In the final round of voting, we’ll feature each finalist on HOT 975′s Facebook page where a ‘like’ for each picture will count as a vote. The beginning and end times of each round will be determined by the clock in the HOT 975 studio. 

Scroll through the galleries below to find your favorite. Remember, you can vote once every three hours.