Any new or soon-to-be parent will tell you they have a special name for their growing bundle of joy. shows us the final results of an unofficial study by waiting-for-baby app Ovia on the most unique ones in each state.

North Dakota's most unique bun-in-the-oven nicknames are "Cow Kid" -- presumably, the child equivalent of "cowboy" -- and "Scoops."

Regional references tend to find their way in to what we nickname our little ones, as is shown by Alaska's "Baby Eskimo" and "Nanook," and the northeast's often bean-related monikers.

Parents in many states use nicknames that make reference to baby-chub, such as "Happy Meal" in Colorado, "Sugarbutt" in Georgia and Wisconsin's "Little Meatball."

What are the most unique nicknames from your home state?


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