This is a story that sounds like it came out of a movie, but it's the real deal.According to the Star Tribune, a bachelor party on the way to the Kentucky Derby from Minneapolis made a brief stop to search for the cause of a foul odor coming from the rented RV.

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According to the story reported by the Star Tribune,

Jake Wanek of Minneapolis was one of the men in the bachelor party and explained that all were either from Winona or attended Winona State University. The Shopko parking lot was the final rendezvous for pulling together the last of the 11 twenty-somethings before continuing to Louisville. Wanek said that he saw the body from the knees down — feet bare and with pants on — and described it as a man who “didn’t look fresh. Let’s put it that way.”

The guys rented the RV from a private individual and was told not to open a few of the outside storage compartments, being told that they did not open. Once they discovered the not so fresh body, they called the cops. After a few minutes, the police realized that the guys had nothing to do with the incident but they were still detained and questioned for several hours before being released in the middle of the night while all of their  belongings remained in the rented RV.

Needless to say, the men have a change of plans. They decided to stay in Minnesota and watch the derby on TV.

(Source: Star Tribune / Winnona