Everyone loves a parade! The second Friday in May in Bismarck is always known as Band Night Parade night  for over 20 years. The parade serves several purposes. It is a night to highlight the marching bands in the area and it also marks the end of the school year is near. Besides promoting friendship and a spirit of goodwill, the parade is really about music.

Andrew Burton/ Getty Images

This year, 26 bands will march in the parade. Not only are the local schools marching, in previous years, bands from Montana and sometimes bands from Canada march through Bismarck.

Otto Greule Jr /Getty Images

This years parade is Friday night. Line up is at the state capital at 530 and at 630 PM the bands will march down 6th Street to Avenue C Then west one block Down 5th Street to Civic Center. After the parade the marchers are treated to a dinner and dance.