Ever dreamed of escaping this small town where everybody knows you, your family, every scandalous thing you have ever done? You are Ethan Wate. Ever felt isolated, completely different from everyone else,overly emotional and unable to relate to the popular crowd? You are Lena Duchannes. Ethan and Lena are the two main characters of "Beautiful Creatures".

I wanted to see "Beautiful Creatures" because it looked dark, whimisical, other worldly. From the time the movie started every second was rich visuals of the life of Ethan in Gatlin, South Carolina.Every second of Ethan's life has been lived in this town with the quote Gatlin is "For people who are too stupid to leave or too stuck that they can't". Ethan is confounded between social norms, pressure, religion and his family's history in the town.

Lena is counteropposite everything Gatlin she is independent, fiery, sarcastic, fierce in her display as a young woman of strength and intelligence. Lena escapes in the environment and poems. Lena is powerful.

Ethan and Lena share a fate and its a fate that they fight. I won't tell you more but will leave you with this, you have the choice to be the person you want to be. No matter what your town, family or society says ......to embrace your beauty, strength and knowledge are your choices.

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