You know it when it creeps under your skin, threatening eminent facial eruption, red, juicy and unhideable! The zit- could be caused by stress, diet, hormones, products and it's utterly annoying. In the last 2 months I have had one monster zit per month. It makes Facetiming suck and you have to wait for it to disappear as popping it will leave an icky scar.

I reached out to Bismarck-Mandan Beauty Experts for their advice

Vanessa Lange at Salon suggest "Use a dab of the Aveda Outer Peace Acne Spot Relief. Apply twice a day until the ugly zit clears".

Andrea Birst of Glance Salon and Spa "Cleansing facial for Acne, microdermabrasion treatments, the pulse light service that can take the redness and kills all the icky bacteria.The key is using good product at home daily" Check out their Lexli product line here .

Miranda Olson of SKIN says "First line of defense is Benzoyl Peroxide different levels are available over the counter.An Intense Pulse Light therapy appointment can get the underlying bacteria out of your skin right away, prescription Retinal or injection steroids are available". You can reach out to SKIN now .

Whatever you do don't pop it, you do not want any scarring on your pretty face. Let the zit monster run its course, dab a bit of concealer on it and move on with your day. It will not be there forever and smile more for distraction factor!