According to a story on KFYR-TV somebody has won $25 THOUSAND dollars a year for LIFE with the North Dakota Lottery.  The name of the game is "North Dakota Lucky For Life."  They have the option to be paid $25 thousand dollars a year or take the lump sum of $390,000 dollars.

Man, what a tough choice that would be.  I would be tempted to take the lump sum, but to be honest I would probably be more fiscally responsible if I went with the 25 thousand a year for life.  The first thing I would do would be to pay off any immediate debts I have.  Credit cards, car payments, boat payments, etc.  Then, I start paying off my mortgage with double payments and start putting away money for the kids college.  Actually, I would probably need to devote the first years payment all for college and then go into my plan.  Once the house is paid off and the kid is in good shape with college time to invest and put into savings.  I totally have this all figured out.  The bad thing is, I seldom play the lottery and I haven't been to Minot since this winter.  So I guess I'm out.

The winning ticket that was bought at Safari Fuels at 1500 37th Avenue SW in Minot.  The owner of the ticket has yet to come forward.  They have 180 days from drawing date to claim their prize.  Prizes over $599 dollars must be claimed at the Bismarck office.  The North Dakota Lottery office is still closed due to COVID-19, so they must make an appointment by calling (701) 328-1574.  If it's you that won...Don't forget your favorite DJ!


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