There was lots of discussion on whether beer would be sold inside the Fargodome at North Dakota State University football games this past summer, but at least for now, no sale.

Several possible solutions were offered up as ways to offer beer sales at Bison games inside the Fargodome. For example, creating a beer garden or limiting guests to two beers. However, if any change is made to the current policy, which does not allow the sale of alcohol at NDSU games in the dome, the change will most likely have to occur in 2017, when NDSU's contract with the facility is up for renewal.

The Fargo Dome Authority voted last July to support alcohol sales in suites and in a beer garden that was made available to patrons. The alcohol sales plan would also need the approval of NDSU, the state's university system, and the Fargo City Commission. However, before any of that could happen, a month later, the dome board voted against the plan after safety concerns and cost issues arose.

Other universities nationwide have recently relaxed restrictions on alcohol sales at collegiate sporting events and more are doing so every year. Roughly 40 schools will have beer available for sale stadium-wide when their football teams begin play this season. This includes schools within the region. At University of North Dakota hockey games, alcohol is sold everywhere except for within the student section. The University of Minnesota also allows alcohol sales at football game, while it's limited to suites and the club room for hockey games.

The dome has handled alcohol sales at other events such as concerts, but the most widespread concern of officials is the higher number of underage people who attend NDSU games. However, a big upside would be the increase in revenue. An estimated $300,000 more would be brought in per year to boost event revenues.

For now, all this discussion will have to wait until the venue's contract renewal with NDSU comes up again in 2017

Source: WDAY