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It’s Friday once more, PopCrush readers, which means we’re (web) surfing a big ol’ wave of brand new tunes! If you feel like you’re drowning in a sea of songs, desperate to know which tracks and videos deserve your attention, consider this your life preserver: Below, discover the five best songs #NewMusicFriday has to offer.

"Just Call," Prince Fox ft. Bella Thorne
EDM artist Prince Fox and former Disney pop princess Bella Thorne team up on "Just Call," a heavy-hitting mid tempo banger that addresses the frustration of being iced out. "Just call if you need me, call if you don't / Call if you'll love me, call if you won't / Call me an a--hole, call me a fool / Just call," the pair pleads on the spacey hook. A far cry from Thorne's bubblegum efforts of past, "Just Call" finds the actress-singer finding her footing amid an edgier dance floor-primed sound.

"If You're Hearing This," Parson James, Betty Who, Hook N Sling
Parson James, Betty Who and Hook N Sling create bittersweet summery pop magic on "If You're Hearing This," a tropical dance track that captures the hope of waiting for that one special person to finally show up in your life. Hook N Sling's buoyant, lush production creates a tender, melodic sound bed for James' buttery, soulful voice, while Who's shimmery vocals weave in and out on the verses. It's effervescent.

"Forever Summer Holiday," Kero Kero Bonito
Kero Kero Bonito deliver a dose of sunny, upbeat bubblegum-pop on "Forever Summer Holiday," an exclusive single off the band's forthcoming Japanese album release. The infectious tune touts the joys of summer — in both English and Japanese, no less — while the colorful, comedic clip shows the trio hitting the beach, rain and all. Featuring bright, zippy synths and glossy, plastic-pop production reminiscent of the early 2000s, it's the happiest song you'll hear all day.

"Like Me Better," Kara Craig
Emerging L.A. pop princess Kara Craig delivers a chilly f--- you anthem in hazy hues of violet and gold glitter on "Like Me Better," a slice of blissfully melodic alt-R&B. "'Cause you f---ed up boy / You know you f---ed up boy, didn't you?" Craig coos in her ice queen tone. "I like me better without you," she singsongs on the hook, over a wiggly synthline. It's the perfect no-f---s-given bop.

"In and Out of Love," Vera
Danish producer Vera orchestrates a plaintive mood on "In and Out of Love," a smooth, jazzy electronic concoction that captures the cyclical tension of romance. The moody video, which plays like a sort of micro-'80s drama-thriller, finds two lovers suspended in longing as they make their way back to one another. The song itself — a fusion of trip hop, contemporary electronica and jazz — features a lilting female vocal over a hypnotic, throbbing beat, while a lonesome sax riff rises in the background, casting a placid shadow over the track.

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