I couldn't help but notice several posts made by Pam Carlen Ihmels, a teacher for Bismarck Public Schools. She's counting down the days to her retirement. In her daily posts, she includes pictures with her students and other sentimental messages. She talks about all of the kids she's met, all the principals she's worked with and all of the lessons, not that she's taught, but rather, that's she's learned along the way.

According to her posts, today (Friday, May 27th) is her last day.

She's Done It All

In her first post, she says she's been working for Bismarck Public Schools for more than 40 years. She says she's taught physical education, and 4th grade. She also says she's been a Volleyball coach and and instructional aide for emotionally challenged students. -- She's done it all and it's honestly inspiring.

Every day this week, she's been sharing anecdotes, fond memories, thank you's and words of advice. So, I thought we should do the same and give her a proper send-off.

It's Important Now, More Than Ever

All of these school shootings are both terrifying and devastating. The Texas shooting is still very fresh in our minds. With that, and the fact that these events are becoming more and more frequent, teachers need our support now, more than ever. They need to know they're appreciated, especially one like Pam Ihmels, who no doubt, touch many of our lives.

A Special Tribute

I've never met Pam Ihmels, but I think she deserves a proper send off. Please take some time to drop her a line and wish her well.


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