When it comes to having a baby, how good of a state is North Dakota to drop out a kid?   I said "having" a baby, not making one.  Just to be clear.

Our good friends at WalletHub have been laboring (get it) tabulating the data to see which states are indeed the best to have a baby in.  As it turns out, North Dakota has a lot going for it when it comes delivering a bundle of joy.  In the article, North Dakota ranks 3rd best in hospital cesarean delivery charges.  1st in hospital conventional delivery charges. (Which is pretty amazing if you think about it)  Our Doctors don't screw things up very often when it comes to delivering a baby.  We rank 24th in average annual cost of early child care.  7th in the nation in low birth weight.  15th in Midwives and OB-GYNs per capita.  North Dakota is 26th in pediatricians and family medicine physicians per capita (that's are worst stat).  We rank 10th in child care centers per capital.  WalletHub even took a look at positive COVID-19 testing rate, and North Dakota came in at number 18.  Overall, North Dakota came in as the 6th as the best state to have a baby.

So, how did our neighboring states do in the world of having a baby?  Minnesota actually did better than North Dakota.  The land of 10,000 lakes and 5 fish came in at number 2.  Montana checked in at number 19.  South Dakota was lowest on the list coming in at number 27, when it comes to the best and worst states to have a baby.  Mississippi by the way, is the WORST state to have a baby in.  Massachusetts is number 1!


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