According to the FDA, there are toxins that is killing dogs and making many dogs and cats sick in a jerky type treat.  You should avoid "jerky" type treats for your dog or cat. Since May 1st, over 1000 dogs have died due to toxic treats and many more became ill, very ill costing hundreds of dollars to get well. The symptoms associated with this illness are difficult, not only for the animal, but also for the owner to witness. More on the symptoms later.

Angela Weiss/Getty Images

Any jerky type treat should be removed and destroyed if you have it your feeding area for your pets. According to the report on Huffington Press, "the majority of cases appear to derive from consumption of a jerky treat that was imported from China."

The symptoms include decreased appetite, constant thirst including increased water intake, and look for dehydration which includes vomiting or diarrhea conditions for more than 24 hours. Pet owners are urged to contact a veterinarian immediately.