They opened the door and now there is no turning back!  Friday, Massachusetts removed ALL travel restrictions to not just Puerto Rico, but also to...(gasp!) North Dakota!

YEESH...gonna eat all of our baked beans, while all the time REFUSING to pronounce the letter R.  How did this even happen?

Seems our COVID numbers have made such a steady decline that Massachusetts has put us on the "nice list".

Hawaii isn’t the only place Massachusetts travelers will be able to go without quarantining for 14 days or producing a negative coronavirus test up returning. Puerto Rico and North Dakota will be joining the list of “lower-risk” states and territories.

US Travel Map February 12, 2021

THAT IS A REAL PICTURE!  Don't believe me?  Click here!

Dude it was just November when all of the Northeast U.S. was restricting travel to and from North Dakota.  Places like Chicago and Kansas City were naming us by name!  Travel from Montana?  Sure!  North Dakota? Not so much.  So who, according to Massachusetts, is now the only lower-risk state in all of the contiguous United States?

It's North Dakota!  Usually I wouldn't want a bunch of Patriot lovin'. Red Sox cheerin', and Celtics rootin' Bostonians flooding into my state.  But like their beer, their money's green...and our bars and restaurants would love to see some of that sweet East Coast cash.

Plus we could discuss why Tom Brady jilted them and won one for the Bucs.   I'm sure we're already putting together Legendary Wind Chill tourist packets for our East Coast brothers and sisters so they don't miss the best parts of winter.

Seriously, that map IS HILARIOUS!

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