The Beyhive is going berserk. What is "Lemonade?"

Beyonce has released a new teaser for an upcoming HBO project that is set to premiere next week. Bey posted the teaser on Instagram for the premiere of "Lemonade" on April 23rd.

So, what is "Lemonade?" As of right now--who knows.

It's being called a "World Premiere Event" in the teaser--but other than that, no details are offered. In the brief clip, what appears to be a cornrowed Bey stands with her head buried, slowly lifting it as the voiceover whisperingly asks "What am I gonna do?"

She posted the video with the caption:"#LEMONADE 4.23 9PM ET | HBO"

The look echoes her "Formation" video wardrobe and could suggest some sort of direct sequel--but we're just spitballing here. There has been speculation surrounding a new Beyonce album for months now, and this is the first clear indicator that she has something coming.

Something big.

She's spent the last two months making waves; with the "Formation" video and Super Bowl Halftime performance and with her Ivy Park activewear line. And while Kanye West and Rihanna have been uber-visible with their recent projects, Bey's already been omnipresent this year. Who knows what she has planned for April 23.

Of course, the announcement almost broke Twitter. Check out some of the hilarious reactions to "Lemonade" below.