Canada, Oh Canada.  Wherefore art thou Canada?

Well since you asked- all over North Dakota's northern border. More heavily vaccinated than us Americans, Canada went and opened their borders to vaccinated non-essential Americans way back on August 9th. They welcomed those American dollars about to come pouring back over the border...well, it'd be a short trip Since 90% of the Canadian population lives within 100 miles of the United States Border.


Whereas Americans aren't necessarily seeming to clamor to Saskatoon, it is nice to think that families can finally be reunited after a year and a half apart.  Families lived so close along the boder, this closure really had to feel like the Berlin Wall. Opening the border has enabled north bound Americans to quickly reunite with their nearby Canadian counterparts but southbound Canadians vaccinated or not are still being turned away at the border.

The U.S. border closure with Canada and Mexico has been extended until September 21st.  Which means Canada won't be bringing those sweet loonies down here to the states.  That has North Dakota Governor Doug Burgum seriously cheesed-

"This continues to cause real pain for North Dakota’s retail and tourism industries that depend on Canadian travelers, and for the friends and family members who are separated by these border restrictions and have repeatedly had their hopes dashed by unnecessary delays. It’s long past time for the administration to secure the southern border and safely reopen the northern border.”

As far as "friends and family members" go...I mean, those in the states can now travel up north for the reunion.  Am I wrong on that? Or do we just not want to go to...

Saskatoon?  Well, maybe we could meet in Winnipeg instead?

I haven't talked about how unfortunate it is for our southern border closure also being extended- but, I figured people might want to cover that on their own. Kind of a prickly subject.

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