Yes, there's a bar that will serve you until 2AM, but it's not technically in Bismarck.

You might not know it, but just north of town, Crossroads Tavern does something other bars in the area can't do. --They serve past 1 AM.

Bismarck vs. Burleigh County

If you live in Bismarck and frequent the downtown bars, I'm sure you've noticed they close at one. Bars within the city limits of Bismarck and Mandan cannot serve alcohol after 1 AM on any given day of the week. -- That's the law.

It's a little different for Crossroads; they can and do stay open a little longer.

Did You Know:

Saturday nights (Only) Crossroads is open until 2 AM, and can serve alcohol up to that point.

If you're wondering why that's the case, that's fair.

Here's What You Need To Know:

The establishment adheres to Burleigh County laws, not Bismarck City laws, which allows them to stay open a tad later. A couple employees confirmed this to be true.

How Cool Is That?

If you're not ready to end your Saturday celebration at 1am, you can always make the most of that extra hour and grab a beer or two at Crossroads.

You know what they say.. "The more you know, the better," right?

While you're there, give some of the food a try too. Yum!

That's All

I hope you find this information useful and you have a fun a safe time while drinking in the area.

Thanks for reading!

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