It looks like yet another store will close its doors permanently this year. Even the "big" stores are struggling to keep their doors open for business. Bismarck will soon be losing another store that many of us love. Get ready to say "goodbye" to our Gordmans.

On May 8th, CNBC reported that Stage Stores (parent company of Gordmans) could be filing bankruptcy. The Inquirer then reported on May 11th, that Stage Stores DID file for bankruptcy and that they would be liquidating 700 of their stores unless a buyer was found. Today (May 18th), we got the announcement that Gordmans of Bismarck will be closing for good.

According to KFYR-TV, Gordmans in Bismarck is set to close after only reopening on Friday. In a previous article from KFYR-TV, it was announced  (before COVID-19 pandemic closures) that both the Fargo and Grand Forks Gordmans locations are closing as well. It appears that we don't have an exact closure date for Gordmans at this point. There is no word yet on what is happening/ will happen with the Gordmans location in Minot.

Whether these types of business closures have anything to do with COVID-19 or other reasons, it's still disheartening to see everything shuttering-up all around us. I'm going to miss shopping at Gordmans for my industrial size bottle of Lucky perfume and holiday decorations. But what's more important that my want to shop, is the people who will lose their jobs.

The thought of losing a job now is even scarier now than it was before Coronavirus. 2020 has already been a hard year, now more people will be without that income. How could anyone plan for the devastation that has come from the events of this year?

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