COVID-19 is still very alive and very present in our state. You can check out the North Dakota case tracker here. As cases rise, we see more mask requirements and more business closures. Just today (August 13), another local restaurant closed because of a positive case in the building.

According to a Facebook post, the Ground Round in Bismarck has temporarily closed its doors. This afternoon, the Ground Round made an announcement stating that the restaurant will be closed so employees can get tested and safely return to work. While there currently isn't a lot of information, the post also says that Ground Round will keep us updated.

What a tough situation to be in. I commend the leaders at Ground Round for making sure their employees and customers are safe. But why do we have busy, high-traffic establishments open and operating if they are forced to close down when an employee comes in contact with COVID-19?

If we are this concerned about COVID-19, why are restaurants. malls, and other establishments even open? I cannot be convinced that a restaurant or a shopping center aren't breeding grounds for massive community spread. Don't get me wrong, I am not afraid of Coronavirus. It's the forced unemployment that bothers me.

My fiance works in the service industry, and he is constantly around people. Luckily, our household has been able to avoid contracting the Coronavirus. But I do fear the day that he could possibly get it and we'd be stuck at home, out of work. Yes, unemployment is nice, but nobody wants to be forced in-and-out of work like this.

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