Downtown Bismarck is getting its first retro arcade, pizzeria, and craft beer hall all combined in one establishment, which will be known as The CraftCade.

On its Facebook page, The Craftcade announced:


Dudes & Dudettes, its finally ready to announce!

Help Us Spread The Word! #TheCraftCadeIsComing!

Bismarck North Dakota's First Retro Arcade, Pizzeria, & Craft Beer Hall is coming to Downtown!! Give Us A 'Like' To Follow Our Page For Updates On:

Our Buildout,  Our New York Style Pizza (Fast, Hot & Ready, Sold By The Slice!),  Our Chicago Style Franks (So Much Better Than Store Bought!) Our Classic Arcade Games (All Original Cabinets! Set on FREE PLAY!!)
Our Specials, Our Theme Nights,...and of course

Our Radically Random, Retro Awesomeness!

They've also included a video on the page to give an idea of what to expect from the craft beer hall. It will include its own 'self-sampling beer wall.' They've partnered with Pour My Beer to provide samples of the beer to their customers who can pour their own beer. Click the previous hyperlink to get a taste of what that means.

If you combine that type of craft beer selection with New York Style Pizza and Chicago Style Franks, along with a retro arcade, then please, just shut up and take my money.

The CraftCade's website only has a 'Coming Soon' sign on it, but from the looks of everything on their Facebook page, this place looks like something that Bismarck's been missing. If you like retro video game arcades, pizza, or beer, this place looks like it will be amazing!

The location for The CraftCade will be at 405 4th Street in downtown Bismarck. While there is currently no set opening date for The CraftCade, from the looks of it, the establishment can't come soon enough!


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