Unfortunately the world is full of people who do awful things to animals. It's hard to even imagine why a person would cause harm to an innocent life like that.

Did You Know?

Did you know that you can get in a lot of trouble for abandoning an animal at a shelter without going through the proper process?

I've heard horror stories where people call up animal shelters with the intent to drop off an animal; to their surprise, they find out the shelter is full, so they do one of three things:

1. They threaten the shelter and tell them they will cause harm or death to the animal if they don't take it, because they can't keep it or don't want it.

2. They accept that the shelter is full, but then turn around and abandon the animal on the side of the road somewhere.

3. They take the animal to the shelter anyway, and leave it on the steps when no one is around to tell them no.

All of these things are pretty despicable.

Some people seem to believe that leaving an animal at a shelter without going through the proper channels and following that shelter's procedure ISN'T animal abandonment.

Pro Tip:

It is.

According to North Dakota animal cruelty laws, any person who willfully engages in the neglect of an animal is subject to a class A misdemeanor. It is unlawful for any person to abandon, abuse, and/or neglect an animal.

Please Please Please

Please have a heart, and go through the proper surrendering process. If a shelter is full, call friends and family, or go on Facebook and ask the community to help you take care of the animal. There are so many people in our BisMan community that would surely be willing to help take care of an animal in need.



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