There are 50 state capitals you can possibly live in (plus Washington D.C.). Out of those 50 (and DC), Bismarck is among the best.

SmartAsset, for the third consecutive year, checked which state capitals are the best to live in based on unemployment rates, violent crime rates, property crime rates, the cost of living, and access to 'fun and entertainment.'

After crunching the numbers, it was determined that Bismarck is the 5th best state Capital to live in. Bismarck was beat out by Concord, New Hampshire, Honolulu, Hawaii, Pierre South Dakota, and the No. 1 capital to live in is Montpelier, Vermont.

According to SmartAsset:

Bismarck is one of the safest state capitals in the U.S. Compared to the other capital cities, Bismarck has the fifth lowest violent crime rate and the sixth lowest property crime rate. And anyone looking to buy a home in this city should know that its housing market ranks fourth in terms of growth and stability.

The worst state capital to live in was Hartford, Connecticut.