It turns out that when it comes to style, Bismarck's doing something right.

According to INSIDER, Bismarck has been named the 'most stylish city' in North Dakota. The publication used data compiled from Trulia and Yelp to find the most fashionable city in each state.

Using the number of fashion businesses in relation to metro size and population, as well as real estate properties with amenities such as walk-in closets, it was determined that Bismarck has the best fashion sense in all of North Dakota.

INSIDER said, "Bismarck, North Dakota, is a fashion destination because it has lots of shops with regional charm, like LOT 2029." The store they're referring to is located at 206 N. 4th St. in downtown Bismarck.

If there's nothing else to take away from this recognition, just know that at least some people are taking notice of just how good we look, Bismarck. This must be like how Ron Burgundy always feels.

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