Sunday night, my fiance and I were out for a drive. We were driving past Pier 1 Imports when I noticed the store's windows plastered in those red, yellow, black, and white signs which seemed to imply the store was closing. However, after rushing to check it out, we realized there were no "Store Closing" signs. Was it just some mega-sale?

My fiance pointed out that he read that Pier 1 was closing 450 locations throughout the United States. That's nearly half of all their locations. Originally, it appeared as if Bismarck's location would not be affected by the country-wide closures. However, I learned otherwise, last night.

My fiance and I decided to check out Pier 1, again, last night. We were in the area, and we were curious. This time, there were "Store Closing" signs posted. The confirmation was met with a bit of a sad sigh from me. I don't always shop a Pier 1, I mostly go there to window-shop and dream. But I have some amazing pieces from this store.

I guess we can look at the silver lining and know that we can still get Pier 1 online. By the way, there is a good sale on

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