The Bismarck Police Department issued a statement on their facebook page that a peaceful protest is planned at 4pm for George Floyd and Black Lives Matter.  This protest will take place in the 2300 block of east Main ave.

Bismarck PD has had a positive dialog with the organizers of this event.  PD mentioned that even though there's been a lot of violence and riots across the rest of the country, they're asking Bismarck to be the exception.

As you know, tension is high across the country as riots and violence have escalated.  This however is not protesting.  Something I fully support and I truly believe change and reform is needed in this country from the top on down.  There's no place for racism in America and that is evident by the number of people speaking out.  I admit, I have no idea what it's like to be a black person.  I do know that I was truly sick to my stomach when I first saw the George Floyd video.  I truly hope the police officer who committed that heinous crime is put away for a long time.  And, the officers who just sat there and did nothing during those fateful ten minutes are brought to justice as well.  In my eyes, they are just as guilty.  How could you just sit there and do nothing for all that time?  It truly does amaze me how little compassion some people have.

With that being said, what's been going on across the country does nothing for the cause.  It gives it no validity.  George Floyd's death is in vain every time these criminals terrorize our communities.  Let's hope that this "protest" is peaceful and productive.  Change is needed.  Here's to coming together.


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