We've all been in bad situations when it comes to relationships. Many of us have had doubts and/or suspicions. That said, how do you know your partner is being faithful? Or worse, when you think they aren't being faithful, how do you catch them and prove it?


North Dakota Has A Solution

I'll be honest, I was a little offended that this came up in my Facebook algorithm, but did you know there are several local Facebook groups dedicated to finding cheating partners?


There are several Facebook groups titled "Are We Dating the Same Guy." There's one for the state of North Dakota, and one for Fargo specifically. There was one for Bismarck, but it seems to have disappeared.

After a little more digging, it turns out there are Facebook groups like this for several cities all over the country.


The Gist

Basically, these are Facebook groups dedicated to helping women find out if they are dating someone who is also dating someone else. The rules to the group(s) are pretty strict.

  • No Bashing
  • No Screenshotting
  • No Posting or Sharing of Personal Information on the Main Page -- That includes social media handles and last names.

Those are just a few of the rules, but there are a whole lot more, and they seem to do everything possible to protect identities and try to keep it a safe space. Kudos!

Sad But Helpful

It's honestly sad that this is something so many people felt they needed to do, but if it helps people get out of a bad or toxic relationship, then I can definitely get on board.

Best of luck to you!

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