Increased enrollment has been a problem for Bismarck Public Schools, and with it trending upward, a big increase is expected in the years to come.

Back in August, it was reported that this year's school enrollment was up once again for Bismarck Public Schools. Now they're expecting nearly an increase of nearly 2,000 students by 2021.

Currently, the biggest need is in the middle schools. Both Horizon and Simle are over capacity right now, and next year, there's an indication that Wachter will be as well.

Later this month, board members are set to go over architectural plans and costs for what it would take to add on to both the middle and senior high schools. Despite the fact that land has been purchased in Bismarck by Bismarck Public Schools, there are currently no plans in place to use any of it. This could change after those meetings are held later this month.

Source: KFYR