If you've ever wondered what the top places to live in the great state of North Dakota are, look no further.

The city of Bismarck has been ranked as the 2nd best place to live in North Dakota according to "Only In Your State."

Bismarck's sites, along with its city and suburbs feel and low crime rate are what's cited to put it at the 2nd on the top ten list. The factors taken into consideration for the rankings on the list are crime rate, cost of living, education, and amenities among others.

Other notable cities that made the top ten, but were beaten out by Bismarck were: Grand Forks (9th), Dickinson (6th), Minot (5th), and Fargo (3rd). The city that beat out Bismarck to top the list was Stanley.

While Bismarck didn't claim the top spot on this list, I guess we can all say, "At least we beat Fargo."