I want to tell you about a friend of mine

His name is Cameron Brewer. A 29-year old from Conyers, Georgia. I have come across him many times when we are both out at events. Cameron works at KX News. He is a one-man show. Let me explain, back in the old days a cameraman would shoot video along with another reporter, then someone else in the news building would edit the footage followed by someone else who would voice the segment, and then it would eventually air on the news that night. This talented guy does all of it. He finds the stories, sets up the camera, interviews anyone pertaining to the piece, comes back and writes the story, edits it, and then voices the final segment - all on a deadline.

Building contacts of trust

Cameron grew up loving the arts, broadcasting, and he was a disc jockey at one time. He comes from a family of educators. Great news for Bismarck when he was hired at KX News. He's been here for 7 months now. In that time frame, he has built local contacts and trust. That is huge, you just can't do that overnight. I have seen several of his stories that have aired, and this is why I am such a fan of his. He clearly puts his heart and soul behind them.

"To put the viewers in the person's shoes"

I had a chance to talk to him this morning on the phone. One of the obvious questions I had was - "What do you love about your job?" His reply was that he enjoys setting an example for younger kids, being a mentor, a role model. His goal is simple. When he is out in Bismarck on a story, he thinks to himself "How can I make it appealing? I want to put the viewers in the person's shoes" He does that perfectly.

An emotional surprise for a person in need

This story was a textbook example of what Cameron does so well. On receiving a tip from someone, he drove out to Lincoln Elementary School last Friday and captured the raw emotion of Laurie Kunz, a teacher's aide, who was "blown away" by the gesture of her fellow workers. Her car was broke down, destroyed by the cold weather. She was handed the key to a 2013 Subaru Outback. Read about this wonderful act and watch the video.

"To receive positive feedback is one of my favorite things"

Like all of us in life, we like to know if we are doing a good job. This is one of the rewards Cameron receives when his stories touch people. He brings out the best in all of us. In the short time, he has been out here in North Dakota, he has found it very different than the south. He has observed "North Dakota Nice" first hand. One of the coolest things about him is his loyalty. When he got hired at KX News, right around that time he was asked to give a commencement speech at his old high school in Atlanta, which he proudly did.

"What one story has touched you the most since you have been here in Bismarck?"

That was my final question. Just last Christmas, Cameron spent the day with a family that invited him into their home. The father who had some serious health issues wasn't expected to live past last March. Yet there he was with his loved ones on a special day along with a special man from Georgia who was welcomed with open arms to a North Dakota Christmas day. We are ALL lucky here in Bismarck/Mandan to have Cameron Brewer with us.


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