How well do North Dakotans know North Dakota?

KX News reports that did a study to find out just how well people know their states. And North Dakotans are reportedly above average at the quiz posted by The average North Dakotan scored about 67% while the national average was only 57%.

Do you think you know more or less about North Dakota than the average North Dakotan?

I decided to see how well I know my home state and I honestly did well! I only got one question wrong - the one about the official American Folk Dance of North Dakota. I had no idea that we have an official folk dance. So, I learned something new at least. My score, in the end, was 80%.

Does this little quiz really indicate how well Americans know their home states?

I am not sure this little quiz is indicative of how much people know their home states. There is more to knowing about your state than knowing that Sacagawea guided Lewis and Clark. What about things that actually matter to our state?

What are some actually important things that North Dakotans should know about their state?

I think a better way to discover how well people know their states is asking them questions about leaders, policies, and such. Sure, that may be all kind of boring. But those things actually matter and affect our lives in the here and now. And we should know at least a little bit about these things in our state.

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