St. Mary's Central High School, along with all the Light of Christ Catholic Schools in Bismarck, are raising money to help Trinity High School in Dickinson, which was badly damaged in a fire on March 3rd.

The Bismark Tribune reports that St. Mary's has come up with a few cool ways for students to get involved with raising money. Yesterday, Students at the school were allowed to wear jeans to school if they made a donation. They also have, what they are calling, 'Penny Wars.' This is where the different grade levels in the school are bringing in their change to donate. To create a bit of competition, as well as raise more money, students could put paper money in the jars that would count against the coin total. The grade level with the highest total after everything is accounted for will win a pizza party. The School's goal is to raise $10,000 to help Trinity High School in Dickinson finish out the school year with the supplies they need.

The teachers of St. Mary's Elementary School are also getting into the giving spirit, giving their classroom stipend to help Trinity. That adds $4,000 to the total being donated.

All of the schools are also accepting donations from parents to help.